More About Kuroilers

At Eri Talon we have first-generation and F1 Kuroiler birds with eggs. Kuroiler chicken farming in Uganda is improving lives of people; better nutrition, increase income, cheaper chicken products since we’ll have more in the market.

Kuroilers chicken are derived from crossing either coloured broiler males with Rhode Island Red females, or, White Leghorn males crossed with female Rhode Island Reds, they are a dual-purpose breed producing meat and eggs, they can be reared under free range just like indigenous chicken.

Kuroiler hens mature between two and four months and weigh approximately 2.5 kg. They start laying at three months, continuously for two years, and the males are around 4.5 kg. Kuroiler chicken lay around 150 – 200 eggs making them more productive than the indigenous chicken.

The only disadvantage that stands out is that Kuroiler does not sit (incubate) its eggs. They rarely go broody and if they do they won’t sit on the eggs for the whole 21 days duration. Therefore a farmer will need an incubator to hatch Kuroiler eggs.

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