Day old Chicks

We are committed to consistently delivering healthy, premium-quality day old chicks to our customers.

Eri Talon Poultry Breeders is a multi-sector agribusiness company; leading in Supply of day old chicks, Offering Support services to farmers and distribution.

Eri Talon Poultry Farm Products


Day-Old Broilers

Cobb 500 This is the most efficient broiler with the lowest feed conversion

UGX 2,800 / Per Chick


Day-Old Kuroilers

Day old F1 Kuroilers, fast growth, easy to maintain for both egg and meat

UGX 2,500 / Per Chick


Day-Old Layers

Bovans Brown is a robust layer with high peak production and great laying

UGX 4,000 / Per Chick

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